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NoteLab is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).  This means that NoteLab is "free software".  That is, not only can NoteLab be downloaded and used at no cost, its source code is also available to be analyzed, modified, and contributed to.  For more information on the GNU GPL see the GNU website here.

The driving concept behind open-source software is the concept of collaboration.  That is, with open source software, especially software licensed under the GNU GPL, it is not only legal, but encouraged, to encorporate existing open-source software projects to new open-source projects to add to the open-source software base.  This helps the development of new software, and also helps improve existing software.

With that in mind I, Dominic Kramer, NoteLab's lead software developer, would like to thank Silvestre Herrera for his wonderful icon collection Dropline Neu, which serves as the custom icon set for NoteLab.  Most of the icons used in NoteLab were created by Silvestre.  However, I did occasionally modify some of his icons so that they were customized for NoteLab.  For more information about the Dropline Neu, icon set, see Silvestre's website at   The Dropline Neu icon set used in NoteLab is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Next I would like to note that although I designed, developed, and wrote the entire NoteLab application myself I would like to thank several open-source projects.  That is, although I did not use any code from other open-source projects verbatim, I was greatly influenced by a few.  Without these projects NoteLab would not be what it is.  Thus, I would like to acknowledge them here.

For starters I would like to thank David K. Levine and Gunnar Teege for their note-taking application Jarnal.  Many of the concepts seen in NoteLab were inspired by Jarnal.  In addition, the initial builds of NoteLab used the icon set used in Jarnal.  Next, in the same way Jarnal inspired Notelab, Chris Debenham's Gournal and Denis Auroux's Xournal also inspired the development of NoteLab.  

Last I would like to thank the ISAW development team.  I was going to use the ObjectState concept from the ISAW project.  However, I found I didn't need to.  Nevertheless, an implementation of the ObjectState concept is encorproated into an unused section of the NoteLab code.  Furthermore, I would like to thank the ISAW team as it gave me much insight into software engineering while I was on the team during my undergraduate career.

The basic concept of these credits is that the collaborative nature of open-source community has allowed myself to develop NoteLab as a very nice application.  As such, I strongly encourage everyone to contact me with any questions or comments regarding NoteLab.  Also you are more than welcome to help develop NoteLab.
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