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Note taking is easyNoteLab brings the power of digital note taking to Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Solaris.

Using NoteLab is just like writing with a pen on real paper.  However with NoteLab, the pen and paper are electronic, you never run out of ink, and you have all the paper you'll ever need.

NoteLab is free software licensed under the GNU GPL.  Like Linux and Firefox, NoteLab and its full source code are available at no cost for anyone to view, analyze, scrutinze, and improve.

NoteLab saves your notes in the industry standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format. Thus  any program that can understand this open, next-generation graphic format can be used to view NoteLab files.

NoteLab can also print your notes or export them to a number of image types including PNG and JPEG.

NoteLab allows the user to select en tire words, stretch them, move them, change their color, change their line width, delete them, and bring them back.  Simply speaking, NoteLab understands a stroke as a complex shape.  It doesn't just look at the page as a collection of ink on a page, but instead as a collection of words in a dynamic environment.
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